1. Need assumes deficiency.
  2. Deficiency assumes sufficiency.
  3. Sufficiency assumes independency.
  4. Independency can only belong to one who needs nothing.
  5. Anything “not God” needs.
  6. The Triune God needs nothing.
  7. The deeper question is not whether God exists, but why man “needs”?
  8. A man cannot “need” apart from proving at the very same time the subsistence of God.
  9. Need presupposes non-need.
  10. A simple plate of food betrays the atheist with every bite.
  11. If need exists for one single thing, it exists for all things.
  12. Either all things are created and thus in need of their Creator, or they are uncreated and in need of nothing.
  13. The impossibility of the contrary is “need” in a world without God.
  14. Ontology and epistemology are inseparable.

For behold, the Lord is about to come out from His place
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
And the earth will reveal her bloodshed
And will no longer cover her slain. Isaiah 26:21


Sinner, you’re not a poor wayfaring stranger,
trav’ling through this world you know;
There is only sickness, toil, and danger,
In that dark world to which you go.
You’re going there to your father,
You’re going there to forever roam;
You’re just sinking in the Jordan,
You’re just going down to your home.

Tho’ dark clouds gather o’er you,
Tho’ the pathway’s rough and steep;
The lake of fire lie out before you,
Where weary eyes shall endless weep.
You’re going there to your father,
He said he’d meet you when you come;
You’re just sinking in the Jordan,
You’re just going down to your home.

You happily sing destructions story,
In concert with the blood-thirsty band;
You aim to wear a crown of glory,
When you get home to that land.
You’re going there to see your brothers,
They sank down one by one;
You’re just sinking in the Jordan,
You’re just going down to your home.

You’ll soon be bound to every trial,
Your form will rest beneath the sod;
You’ll be fixed to a cross of misery,
And enter home with your god.
You’re going there to see your master,
Who is panting for your blood;
You’re just sinking in the Jordan,
You’re just going down to your home.

After Jesus Christ we have no need of speculation, after the gospel no need of research. When we come to believe, we have no desire to believe anything else; for we begin by believing that there is nothing else which we have to believe…My first principle is this. Christ laid down one definite system of truth which the world must believe without qualification, and which we must seek precisely in order to believe it when we find it…What you must seek is what Christ has taught, and precisely as long as you are not finding, precisely until then, you must go on seeking until you do find it.

Tertullian, Prescription against Heretics