A Brief Morning Meditation on the Aseity of God in Comparison to Man’s Need

  1. Need assumes deficiency.
  2. Deficiency assumes sufficiency.
  3. Sufficiency assumes independency.
  4. Independency can only belong to one who needs nothing.
  5. Anything “not God” needs.
  6. The Triune God needs nothing.
  7. The deeper question is not whether God exists, but why man “needs”?
  8. A man cannot “need” apart from proving at the very same time the subsistence of God.
  9. Need presupposes non-need.
  10. A simple plate of food betrays the atheist with every bite.
  11. If need exists for one single thing, it exists for all things.
  12. Either all things are created and thus in need of their Creator, or they are uncreated and in need of nothing.
  13. The impossibility of the contrary is “need” in a world without God.
  14. Ontology and epistemology are inseparable.