1689 Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology Chart

I find the covenant theology of the Reformed Baptists beautiful and elegant. Once you get this into your bloodstream, it is like a white hot light shining on the text of the Bible. It illuminates everything you’ve read and re-read. It casts much, much light onto the flow of redemptive history.

Here is a chart I created a few months ago that, for the most part, represents the major points of a distinctly 17th century Reformed Baptist covenantal viewpoint. Obviously, to exhaust a subject that is the very structure of redemptive history itself in a one page chart is nearly impossible. I am, however, planning on expanding this chart in the future to include a short description of what each covenant means in the grand scheme of things. For more info on this topic 1689Federalism.com has a great site that gets into the details of it all.

Download a PDF of the 1689 Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology Chart

1689 Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology Chart