Comfort for the Godly

“To be above the stroke of passions is a condition equal to angels; to be in a state of sorrow without the sense of sorrow is a disposition beneath beasts” -John Flavel, Facing Grief

The Christian is not exempt from the experience of the deepest sorrows and afflictions while on pilgrimage in this sinful world. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous” (Ps. 34:19). And we who have the first fruits of the Spirit while in that affliction groan inwardly, waiting to be set free from this world of corruption, chaos, and death. But while we wait God has called us in patience to bear our affliction, to the glory of His name to the betterment of our souls. One Puritan states, “There is nothing destroyed by sanctification but that which would destroy us.” And when we are met with trial, when are met with inevitable sorrow, how are we to react? What is to be the attitude of the Christian in the midst of pain? Where are we to turn for comfort? And can we at the end of the day bless God for the things He is doing in the midst of it all? Listen along and lift your eyes up to the hills!